• My son’s website
    My son’s website
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    I’ve been coding with my kids for the past couple years. My son, Alex, has now surpassed me! He’s

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  • 3D Cameras
    3D Cameras
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    I developed an obsession with 3D cameras shortly after my kids were born. I find 3D photography much

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  • Robot Drawing Arm
    Robot Drawing Arm
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    I started playing with Arduino programming recently. My first project — a robot drawing arm. The

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  • Vennster Game
    Vennster Game
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    I was working on a graphic approach to Boolean search queries and got sidetracked with this little Processing

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  • DIY R2-D2
    DIY R2-D2
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    Alex asked me to make an R2-D2 for him. I used windshield wiper motors for the drive wheels and servos

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  • Assignment Of The Year
    Assignment Of The Year
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    My boys attend a terrific extracurricular math program called Spirit of Math. One of their more challenging

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