• SORA-TABA Workship Slides
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    Here is a link to download the slides from my SORA-TABA presentation: Applying Data Visualization Principles

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  • ePlant
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    ePlant helps biologists visualize the natural connections between DNA sequences, natural variation (polymorphisms),

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  • Expression Angler
    Expression Angler
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    With coding support from Jim Fan, I recently gave a UX design makeover to a 10-year-old bioinformatics

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  • RSVP Interaction Methods Study
    RSVP Interaction Methods Study
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    An Evaluation of Interaction Methods for Controlling RSVP Displays in Visual Search Tasks by Jamie Waese,

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  • Gene Slider
    Gene Slider
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    UPDATE: Gene Slider is now available through the App Store on Araport.org! Gene Slider is a data visualization

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  • Arabidopsis Citation Network
    Arabidopsis Citation Network
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    In May 2015, Nicholas Provart invited me contribute to a large project reviewing the past fifty years

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  • Topographic PhyloMap
    Topographic PhyloMap
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    In September 2014, David Guttman asked me to develop a tool that would display phylogenetic relationships

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  • UFO sightings by state
    UFO sightings by state
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    Here is a fun little data vis tool that displays UFO sightings by state as a heat map. (My first Processing

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  • Sequence Browser
    Sequence Browser
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    My wife, Michal Perlman, and her graduate students asked 62 kids in junior kindergarten to describe how

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