Jamie Waese

I am a data visualization and user experience design researcher and practitioner. I currently work for IBM as a Senior User Experience Design Lead for the Hybrid Cloud Design Team. Previously, I worked for TD Bank where I led the Data Visualization Lab in the Marketing Analytics department. I have a PhD in Data Visualization and User Experience Design from the University of Toronto. My dissertation focused on designing tools that help biology researchers explore and interact with large data sets.

In what now feels like a prior life, I used to work in the entertainment industry where I wrote, directed, produced and was executive in charge of production for 300+ hours of children's television. My clients included Walt Disney TV Animation, CBC, Cookie Jar Entertainment and others. Here is my IMDB page. I have an MFA from the Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program at the University of Southern California‘s School of Cinema. I also spent several years teaching filmmaking, digital media and design at Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media and the School of Image Arts.

There are similarities between making a television show that people want to watch and making a data visualization tool that people want to use. I love telling stories with pictures. I was intrigued with Dr. Nicholas Provart’s collection of data visualization tools and how they help biology researchers develop hypotheses about the fundamental building blocks of life using a combination of clever coding and design. So, I switched from thinking about how to present information so it can be understood by five-year-olds to thinking about how to present information so it can be understood by everyone. It's totally different but, surprisingly, totally the same.