Dot was a real time performance animated character who hosted the Kids’ CBC morning block from 2003-2006.

Executive in Charge of Production, Creative Director
Kids' CBC

Dot is a real time performance animated character who watches TV along with the viewers from inside the tube. She hosts the morning block, introducing the shows and then talking about them for about 6 minutes per hour.

I designed and developed the property while working as an Executive in Charge of Development and Production for Kids CBC. When it came time to hire a Creative Director, I couldn’t let go so I resigned from my desk job and went to work on the production.

I became an expert in motion capture technology and oversaw a team that produced 13 minutes of programming a day for five months with a four person crew. Unfortunately, at that pace the character couldn’t do much more than stand and talk so eventually the project was canceled. It was a great experience while it lasted.

Category Creative Media

Date 2002 - 2004