• Digital Media

    I am a creative producer, writer and director with hands on production skills that include live action, animation, post production, and advanced web development. I have contributed to more than 250 hours of television, dozens of web sites, theatrical projects, and short films. I enjoy helping take ideas, big or small, from concept to completion.

  • Data Visualization & UX

    I spend a lot of time thinking about how to convey complex information through visual means. I am currently working towards a PhD in data visualization at the University of Toronto, developing research tools that combine current thinking about UX design with sophisticated data analysis techniques.

  • Teaching

    I have taught digital media, film production, project development and career design courses at Ryerson University, Sheridan College and Centennial College. I believe in experiential learning and often continue working with students after they graduate. I try to balance theoretical learning with practical skills.

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